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Tutoring for International School Students

We offer all things tutoring for International School students. 

We are a group of educational professionals with a mission to support and help international school students and their academic needs! From elementary school language arts to IGCSE and IB math, we are your one-stop solution!


In addition to teaching the actual academic subjects, we strive to teach the HOW and WHY in studying so that our students develop strong study habits that will help them through the rest of their lives. Our goal is for each of our students to become an independent learner, who discovers and continues to develop their individual  "smartness" in order to independently collect the necessary information, solve problems, and tackle new challenges without having to rely on the help from their teachers or academy or instructors.

What are the “study habits” that you acquire with AIM?

Self growth through 

proactive learning!

The definition of "smart" varies from person to person. Some are good at memorization, while others are great communicators, some are good at writing, while others may have an outstanding sense of artistic taste. What these people all have in common is self-administered "study habits" - how to study, self-control to maintain concentration and motivation on their own, inquiry, the ability to set their own goals and create a detailed plan and schedule to reach them, and time management. Such study habits nurture independent learners who are able to create new inspiration for continued self-growth.

We believe that there is no such thing as a child who cannot learn. Children who say so are simply not taught the proper study habits and academic way of thinking. We want every child to develop good study habits that in the long run, become the foundation of all of their learning, beyond their academic lives. 

Representative profile

Aiko Mochizuki

Graduated from Sun Maur International School

IGCSE 8 subjects

International Baccalaureate (IB) Bilingual Diploma

Graduated from International Christian University (ICU)

Acquisition of Child Counselor Qualification

Family Therapy Counselor Certification




Having educators as parents, Aiko naturally became interested in education from an early age. After graduating from St.Maur International School in Yokohama, she entered International Christian University and started teaching English and Mathematics as a private tutor to international school students. While doing so, she also worked at cram schools and major English schools and has been involved in the education of more than 100 students. Aiko is an expert in international school education who is known for her bubbly personality and easy-to-understand teaching methods that is catered to each individual.

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