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Lesson Types

In-Person or Online

Each instructor will teach a maximum of 1 student in a 1:1 private setting.

*Some classes are only available in an online setting

** Please note that your preferred day(s)/time(s) may already be full.)

Private Lessons
In-Person Only

One instructor will teach up to 3 students in a semi-private setting. The students in the semi-private lessons will be studying different curriculums fit to their individual levels, and the instructor will take turns instructing each student. Not to be confused with the group lessons where all students will be following the same curriculum.

*One instructor will only teach a maximum capacity of 3 students.

Semi Private Lessons
Online Only

All students will learn the same material in a group setting.

*All classes have a maximum capacity of 7 students.

Group Lessons

*Once classes are full, we will put your name on a waiting list and contact you once there is an opening.

Information on schedule and lesson fees:

・Each student will have a decided lesson time slot that will be reoccurring on a weekly basis. (eg. every Mondays from 17:30-19:00), and lessons will take place as normal on Japanese National Holidays. Please refer to the AIM Calendar for long holidays and breaks.

・Lesson fees will be charged on a monthly basis. The monthly fee includes a set of 4 lessons (1 lesson/week). Please refer to the AIM Calendar for days/week that are included in each monthly fee.


Lessons that are mentioned to (Start in 15min increments):

・These lessons can be started in 15 minute increments within the designated window of time. Please understand that your preferred start time may already be full.


Cancellation policy:

・There are no make-up lessons or refunds available for group lessons.

・For semi-private and private lessons, cancellations must be made before 8PM of the night before the scheduled lesson in order to receive a make-up lesson.

Kindergarten and
Elementary School
​ Classes
Middle and
High School
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