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Course introduction

In addition to 1:1/1:3 individual instruction that can be taken from one session during the summer school,

We offer intensive mathematics courses for small groups!

Click on the desired course for details.

1:1/1:3 Tutoring

We offer a wide range of courses such as English, Math, IB Science and SAT.

You can choose between a 1:1 lesson with 1 teacher and 1 student, or a 1:3 individual lesson with 1 teacher and 3 students.

​ *1: In the case of 3 lessons, each student will have a private booth with a whiteboard. It is an individual instruction format in which the instructor guides up to three students one by one.

3-Day Intensive Math

​3-Day Intensive Mathematics Course

Intensive Math Course with 3 hours of lessons per day for 3 consecutive days (total of 9 hours).

After explaining each topic through lectures and examples, this is a hands-on course that uses the Question Bank and past papers to challenge the actual IGCSE and IB questions. Small group lessons with a maximum of 5 students.

We offer Elementary School Math, Middle School Math, IGCSE Math, and IB Math courses depending on the week.​ Please see the details page for detailed schedules.

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